Everyone can shop, but we would love for you to join!


As a member-owner of North Coast Co-op, we invite you to familiarize yourself with how our business is run by reviewing our bylaws. The bylaws were last updated following the 2017 election when the membership voted for single person memberships. The updated was to add section 1.09 to the bylaws. 

All member-owners are welcome to attend the Policies and Procedures Committee the third Wednesday of every month at the Ten Pin Building in Arcata. It is at this meeting where suggested changes to our bylaws and other documents are discussed. Visit the Co-op Calendar for upcoming meetings. 



Our bylaws serve as a guide to how our Co-op does business and are routinely reviewed and updated to ensure the Co-op operates in a cooperative manner. 






<Articles of Incorporation
Our articles of incorporation were developed by our member-owners and contain the basic rules that govern our Co-op. 






<Board Policy Manual
The Board Policy Manual defines how our board functions and operates.