Everyone can shop, but we would love for you to join!

Investing in the Co-op

By joining North Coast Co-op, you are contributing to an organization that promotes and supports the sustainable development of our community, including local agriculture, food producers and other local products.  

While becoming a member-owner is only a one-time membership share investment of $25, we encourage further investment. Member-owner investments allow us to operate without relying on a bank for loans, make improvements to our facilities, fulfill our mission and meet the objectives of our Strategic Plan

There are three investment levels:

  • Class A Membership Shares—To join North Coast Co-op, you must purchase a $25 Class A Share. This makes you a voting member-owner and eligible for membership benefits

  • Class B Sustaining Shares—Additional investment in shares are made in B Shares.  B Shares are sold in $10 increments and member-owners become Fair Share members by investing $300 in Class B Shares.

  • Class C Co-op Shares—Co-op Share member-owners are eligible to invest in dividend-earning Class C Shares, also sold in $10 increments. Dividend rates are set by the Board of Directors. Individual membership investments in Class C Shares are limited to $50,000. Read our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Member-owners may withdraw their membership and receive the full amount of their share investment minus a $5 processing fee, in accordance with North Coast Co-op Bylaws and withdrawal policy. 

We hope you will consider becoming a Fair Share member-owner! When you are ready to invest, visit Customer Service at either store or contact our Membership Coordinator at (707) 822-5947 x 234.