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The Great Quinoa Recipe Contest



Humboldt County Agricultural Center
5630 South Broadway, Eureka

Saturday Sep 15, 2018

3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Who doesn’t love quinoa? North Coast Co-op and the University of California Cooperative Extension are teaming up to present The Great Quinoa Recipe Contest.

Winners will receive a crown and a prize for:

  • Best Appetizer

  • Best Breakfast

  • Best Salad

  • Best Burger/Meatball

  • Best Dessert

There will also be a screening of The Quinoa Film, a food demonstration on how to make your own low-sugar jam, quinoa tastings galore, and a Q&A panel about quinoa.

To enter the recipe competition, read the guidelines below or visit www.ucanr.edu/mfp.

  • Contest participants must fill out an entry form on www.ucanr.edu/mfp

  • Contest participants must drop off their completed entries prior to the event from 1-2pm. Judging will take place from 2-3pm, and winners will be crowned during the event from 3-5pm.

  • Contest participants may enter no more than one recipe for each of the five categories.

  • In the spirit of Humboldt Local Food Month, we encourage as many local ingredients as possible, especially locally produced quinoa. Be sure to designate what ingredients are locally sourced.

  • Criteria for judging dishes will be: percent quinoa, taste, appearance, use of local ingredients, and creativity.

May the best quinoa creation win!