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Stumptown Coffee Roasters - Select Varieties - Expanded Dates

Stumptown Coffee Roasters has announced an expanded recall on the following varieties of their ready-to-drink coffee beverages:


Original Cold Brew Coffee with Oatmilk                          

UPC 855186006878

Lot Codes

09DEC2022 23AUG2022 17OCT2022

10DEC2022 24AUG2022


Cold Brew Coffee and Chocolate w/Oatmilk

UPC 855186006885

Lot Codes

12DEC2022 26AUG2022

25AUG2022 18OCT2022


Cold Brew Coffee & Horchata w/Oatmilk

UPC 855186006892

Lot Codes

10DEC2022 24AUG2022 18OCT2022

11DEC2022 25AUG2022


Original Cold Brew Coffee w/Cream & Sugar

UPC 855186006847

Lot Codes

27OCT2022 08DEC2022



Cold Brew Coffee Chocolate w/Cream & Sugar

UPC 855186006861

Lot Codes

199OCT2022  16DEC2022


From the company:

“Lyons Magnus [which packages these products for Stumptown Coffee Roasters] has initiated this recall due to the potential for microbial contamination including from the organism Cronobacter sakazakii.  Cronobacter sakazakii is commonly found in the environment including the home kitchen.  When ingested, the organism can cause serious infections in young children, particularly those younger than 1 year old.  The symptoms of illness could include a fever, irritability, lack of appetite, and other serious symptoms.  To date, no illnesses related to these products have been reported, and Lyons initiated the recall out of an abundance of caution.  This recall is being made with the knowledge of the Food and Drug Administration.  The Lyons recall has affected not only Stumptown Coffee products but those of many other companies as well.  Customers are advised to destroy all product identified in the recall notice.”


If you have purchased the product listed above, with corresponding best-by dates, please dispose of the contents and return packaging to either North Coast Co-op location for a full refund.  Notifications of this recall will be posted at the point of sale as well as at our Customer Service desks. Co-op members who have purchased this item within the last 30 days will be notified directly. These products were available in both our Arcata and Eureka stores, and the lots recalled were present on the shelf.


Customers with any questions or concerns about this recall may call NCC Merchandising at 707-822-5947ext.244 or 707-443-6027 ext.444 or may view additional recall information at the FDA website: https://www.fda.gov/safety/recalls-market-withdrawals-safety-alerts/lyons-magnus-voluntarily-recalls-53-nutritional-and-beverage-products-due-potential-microbial. 


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