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Thank you to everyone who voted for next year's Seeds for Change recipients. The Seeds for Change recipients of 2023 are:

JANUARY - Ink People Center for the Arts - $7,061.62

FEBRUARY - Friends of the Dunes - $7,929.28

MARCH - Humboldt Domestic Violence Services - $10,179.15

APRIL - North Coast Rape Crisis Team - $11,413.07

MAY - Breast and GYN Health Project

JUNE - Co-op Pumpkin Patch*

JULY - Northcoast Environmental Center

AUGUST - CASA of Humboldt

SEPTEMBER - Humboldt Wildlife Care Center/Bird Ally X

OCTOBER - Twin Pines Community Foundation*

NOVEMBER - Hospice of Humboldt

DECEMBER - Food for People*


*June, October and December months are specially designated by North Coast Co-op.