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Co-op Calendar 



Zero Waste Day



Co-op in Arcata
811 I Street, Arcata

Wednesday Nov 15, 2017

11:00 am - 2:00 pm

In honor of the City of Arcata declaring November 15 as Zero Waste Day, the Co-op in Arcata is hosting a free day full of tricks and tips to help you reduce waste and start your zero-waste journey!

Join us for:

  • Q&A with the Co-op’s Sustainability Coordinator
  • Drop-in workshops & other sustainable crafts with W.R.R.A.P., HSU's Campus Center for Appropirate Technology and Zero Waste Humboldt
  • Earth machine compost bin demonstration with the City of Arcata
  • Zero-Waste Living Starter Pack Giveaway
  • Motor Oil Pan Giveaway

The Co-op has been a community leader in sustainability since 1973, in both our store operations and our shopper opportunities. Zero Waste is one of the fastest, easiest climate action strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

We look forward to seeing you on Zero Waste Day to help the City of Arcata become a zero-waste community!