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Humboldt Tri-Kids Triathlon



Co-op in Arcata
811 I Street, Arcata

Sunday Jun 03, 2018

The Humboldt Tri-Kids Triathlon is for kids ages 7 to 18. Participants get to swim, bike and run their way to the finish line “Everyone who Tri’s is a winner!”  

Five reasons for getting kids involved:

  • Fun - This is a one-day individual athletic event for children only. It is as exciting to watch as it is for the kids to do it. Three sports are better than one!

  • Self Esteem - While the event is challenging, it is also extremely rewarding. After the event, these children are ready to conquer the world! The kids go home with a medal, flowers, goodies, a T-shirt, a tired body, and a boosted self image.

  • Responsibility - Each child is completely responsible for all three events, including the very important transitions.

  • Family Values - We estimate children spend 10 to 200 hours with family and friends to prepare. Active families are happy families!

  • Healthy Heart - Triathlon includes three ways for aerobic (increased heart rate) exercise. Exercise increases high density cholesterol and makes for a stronger cardiovascular system. Swimming, biking, and running can be done anywhere, with anyone, and at any age.

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