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Coffee & Juice Bar

Coffee & Juice Bar

Our stores offer coffee, espresso, juices, smoothies, and kombucha on tap!

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Coffee & Espresso 
Our coffee and espresso bars feature locally roasted coffee, along with organic milk, and milk alternatives. Our espresso bar staff are ready to make whatever espresso concoction you can create! We also have just a good ol' cup of joe. Bring your own mug and get a 25 cent discount! 
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Nitro Cold Brew Coffee
Nitro cold brew coffee is pulled on a pressurized nitro tap, resulting in a coffee drink with a creamy head of foam and low acidity—no cream or sugar needed! We serve Peru Sol Y Café by Bona Fide Craft Draft Brewing Company (a division of the Caribbean Coffee Company). Fair trade and organic certified, nitro cold brew coffee on tap is available from 6am to 7pm. 


Juice & Smoothies 
Made from organic fruits and vegetables, our smoothies and juices are made to help nourish early mornings and satisfy lunch time cravings. Try one of our sweet treats or build your own any time of day. 
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We offer a refreshing array of organic kombucha varieties on tap. Kombucha is a fermented black tea with a light, bubbly texture. Flavors include Guava Mango, Lemongrass Ginger, Passion Berry, Verbena Rose, Strawberry Mint and more. Kombucha on tap is available from 6am to 7pm at our Arcata location, and from 6am to 9pm at our Eureka location. 

Reusables Discount!
Save 25 cents each and every time you bring your own durable cup.