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Co-op News | Winter Quarterly 2022

3rd Annual We Appreciate You Days!

WAY Days

North Coast Co-op

3rdAnnual We Appreciate You Days!

Earlier this month, the Co-op celebrated its third annual WAY Days! WAY (We Appreciate You) Days is a 3-day event celebrating all Co-op employees and recognizing them for their amazing work.
Here’s a recap of the event:

  • Longer Breaks - All paid 15 minutes breaks were extended to 20 minutes for the duration of W.A.Y. days.
  • Food & Drink - We had some delicious goodies available throughout the celebration, including a free lunch from Taste of Bim and pasteries from the local trans-owned bakery, Patches’ Pasteries .
  • Daily Raffle -Each day we raffled off and announced several great prizes to those lucky employee winners.
  • Swag Bag Giveaway - Prize grab bags from our prize selection donated by vendors were handed out to all employees.

bucket photo
bucket photo