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Co-op News | Winter Quarterly 2018

Confection Perfection

North Coast Co-op

In 1975, the Co-op Bakery made bread and buns two days a week and had volunteers help slice and wrap bread. Today, our in-house bakery in Arcata continues to make everything from bread and pies to tarts and candy using organic sugar, whole grains and fresh ingredients. 

To celebrate our continued love of baking high-quality treats from scratch for our community, we asked some of the bakery team what their favorite part of the Co-op Bakery is.

“Our team. It’s like being part of an orchestra, where we all have our individual task, but together the delicious music of food we make is amazing. It’s unfortunate that not many people are able to experience this, but for me, having a wonderful team is very motivating and our vision to continuously strive for success is one for the books.” —Phara, Bakery Clerk

“You don’t realize how cool it is to have a bakery that makes everything from scratch until you tell a room full of hungry people that you know how to make custard eclairs and lemon bars.”  —Charlie, Senior Clerk/Baker

“Customer base is great. Good sense of camaraderie amongst staff”  —Jan, Bakery Clerk

“All the goodies and everyone that is responsible for making them.” —Cervantes, Baker

“Margaret.” —Cheri, Barista

“English muffins. Life changing.” —Gina, Baker

“I appreciate working with a team of people who genuinely believe in what we do and who are willing to celebrate every success. Our clerks and bakers take pride in having the knowledge and skills to turn raw ingredients into edible treasures. For us, the process of creating food is just as exciting as it is to take it home and enjoy it.” —Margaret, Bakery Manager

bucket photo
bucket photo