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Co-op News | Fall Quarterly 2017

Fall's Feature Produce: Apples

North Coast Co-op

With a brand-new barn equipped with a custom trolley hoist and LED lights, Clendenen’s Cider Works, one of the oldest farms in Humboldt County, is ready to roll out batches and boxes of their famous apples. From crunchy classics like Fuji to rarer choices like Stayman Winesap, the Co-op receives more than half of their varieties, and is one of the only places (besides the farm itself) where you can get your hands on these satisfying snacks.








Rome Beauty - sweet, sharp & refreshing

Jonagold - honey-like sweetness

Gravenstein - sweet & tart

Newton Pippin - sweet & sharp

Stayman Winesap - rich, sweet & sharp

Waltanas - rich, sweet & fleeting

Golden Delicious - very sweet

Sierra Beauty - sweet & tart with tart finish


Fuji - bold & sweet

Blushing Golden - sweet & tart

Granny Smith - tart & acidic

Idared - mild

bucket photo
bucket photo