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Co-op News | Spring Quarterly 2024

June Membership Drive

North Coast Co-op

Join the North Coast Co-op this June during our Membership Drive, a month-long celebration highlighting the unique benefits of being a Co-op member. A one-time payment of $25 gets you a lifetime membership at the North Coast Co-op. As a special welcome, new members who join in June receive a free Co-op ChicoBag and a $10 Co-op gift card.

Here are some great reasons to become a member:

  • Own an equal share of the Co-op.
  • Vote in Co-op elections to help influence our stores and community. 
  • Enjoy a 10% discount during Member Appreciation Months—four times a year.
  • Save 20% on all bulk department items during our bi-annual Incredible Bulk Days.
  • Access exclusive member-only deals, including coupons, flash sales, and events.
  • Qualify for a patronage refund in profitable years, sharing in the Co-op’s success.

This Membership Drive is an opportunity to remind our shoppers that membership is ownership. Being a Co-op member isn’t like being a Costco member or having a Safeway card. Each and every one of our members is an equal owner of the Co-op and is empowered to influence the direction of the Co-op by voting in our elections or running for the Board of Directors.

Beyond the monetary benefits, membership means supporting a triple bottom line business that equally values people, planet and profit. North Coast Co-op supports local producers, fosters partnerships with non-profit organizations, and bolsters initiatives that enrich our collective well-being. This involvement strengthens our local economy and makes our Co-op a cornerstone of the community, thriving on mutual support and shared values.

It’s easy to become a member, just drop by the customer service desk to get started!

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