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Member Feature | Summer Quarterly 2019

Member Feature: Summer 2019

North Coast Co-op

What is your favorite local summer activity?


“Love working in the garden, being happy.” 
Andrea, Eureka
Member for 13 years.

“Local hiking (Gold Bluffs Beach, and Jacoby Creek Forest, Arcata Community Forest, Lost Coast Trail, Patrick’s Point State Park)!”
Gary, McKinleyville
Member for 40 years.

“Crabs baseball!” 
Benjamin, Eureka
Member for 19 years.

Jelehla, Kneeland
Member for 9 years.

Lisa, Fortuna
Member for 5 years.

Elisabeth, Eureka
Member for 13 years.

Trevor, Ferndale
Member for 12 years.

“Lay on local rivers, swim, enjoy nature.” 
Thomas, Manila, 
Member for 1 year.

The first six members to answer our featured question and let us take their picture get a $10 gift card. Look for our table in Arcata this Fall
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bucket photo
bucket photo