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Co-op Community | Fall Quarterly 2017

Member Feature: What is your favorite holiday food?

North Coast Co-op

"I like pumpkin pie, no sugar, whole wheat crust. With local pumpkins."

-Sue Hilton, Arcata Bottoms. Member for 32 years. 

"Apples and honey."

-Nicole Barchilon Frank, Bayside. Member for 26 years. 

"My dad's stuffing recipe."

-Roswitha Roberson, McKinleyville. Member for 38 years.

"Ris a'la mande. A Danish Christmas dessert of rice pudding, whipped cream, and almonds with cherry sauce."

-Kirsten Peterson, Eureka. Member for 7 years. 

"My fruit cake, rum soaked."

-Patricia Clary, Trinidad & Hoopa. Member for 18 years.


-Elisabeth Roberson, McKinleyville. Family membership for 38 years.

bucket photo
bucket photo