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Co-op News | Winter Quarterly 2018

Member Feature: What is your favorite local winter activity?

North Coast Co-op

“Walking the beaches in the early mornings.” 
-Amber Richards, Arcata. Member for 1 year.

“Walking at the marsh.” 
-Marjorie Ribeiro, Eureka. Member for 8 years.

“Hiking at Samoa Beach.” 
 -Amy Sullivan, Eureka. Member for 3 years.

“Hiking, playing with my grandkids, and watching old movies.”  
-Melody Bigham, Eureka. Member for 5 years.

“A cozy fire, enjoying the local product that we harvested and processed through the summer season.”  
-David Lippman, Salyer. Member for 42 years.

“Walking on trails in the area. Lately I’ve been enjoying the new trail along the waterfront.” 
-Shirley Miller, Eureka. Member for 20 years.

bucket photo
bucket photo