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Co-op News | Summer Quarterly 2022

New Pasta-bilites

Co-op Made Pasta

North Coast Co-op

New Pasta-bilities

Starting in June the Co-op introduced its own house-made artisan pasta at both stores. Why is the Co-op going into the pasta making business? The main reason is because Sergio’s pasta will no longer be available because, drumroll please, Sergio has retired. Congratulations Sergio and thank you for keeping generations of bellies full of delicious pasta. The other big reason is that we love fresh pasta and thought it would be a lot of fun to make our own. The Co-op is now filling the void left by Sergio’s iconic pasta with a new line of artisan pastas made in-house at the Eureka store.

Co-op pasta is made using the traditional bronze die cut method. Bronze die cut pasta results in noodles that have a rough surface, which helps sauces and other ingredients stick to the pasta better. The current lineup of Co-op pasta consists of a variety of linguini, fettuccine and creste rigate. Check our selections often as we continue to expand our pasta offerings.

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