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Co-op News | Fall Quarterly 2023

Co-op Parking Lot Open During Construction

Sean Nolan, General Manager

Dear Co-op Members, 

In conjunction with the upcoming 8th and 9th Street Improvement Project, the City of Arcata will be making modifications to the Co-op's Arcata store parking lot. The purpose of these modifications is to conform the parking lot to the new one-way directionality of 8th and 9th Streets by creating ‘turnaround’ areas within the lot. 

What is happening? The City of Arcata will be conducting minor construction within the Arcata store’s parking lot to create ‘turnaround’ areas at each end of the lot. This is required work as a part of the 8th and 9th Street Improvement Project. 

When is construction starting? Constuction will begin Wednesday, October 11th. 

Will the parking lot be open during construction? Yes! Only one side of the parking lot will be having work done at any given time, leaving the majority of the lot accessible during construction.  

How long will construction take? Construction is predicted to last between 2-3 weeks. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we undergo these modifications. We are optimistic that construction will be minimally invasive and over quickly. 

For more information on the city project, please visit https://www.cityofarcata.org/980/8th-and-9th-Street-Improvement-Project.



Sean Nolan
General Manager 

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