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Co-op News | Spring Quarterly 2018

Member Feature: What is your favorite Earth Day activity?

North Coast Co-op

“Seeding, transplanting, and most of all, harvesting from my home garden. Spring veggies are the best!” -Julian Palmisano, Arcata. Member for about 8 months!

“Hiking, watching my creative daughter make things out of recycled materials, making herbal medicine elixirs.” -Yemaya Kimnel, Bayside. Member for 10 or so years!

“Being alive!” -Juliet Smith, Arcata. Member for 13 years!

“Play everywhere fun.” -Miguel Bracho, Arcata. Member for 2 months!

“Remembering the first Earth Day.” 
-Linda Gleye, McKinleyville. Member for forever (31 years)!

“Spending the day barefoot in nature.” -Elena McCauley, Arcata. Member for 2 months!

bucket photo
bucket photo