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Co-op Community | April 2016

Co-op Employees Raise $1498 for Big Brothers Big Sisters!

Sarah Burns, Administrative Assistant

North Coast Co-op employees put together two teams, totaling 10 bowlers, for Big Brothers Big Sisters Bowl for Kids’ Sake Monster Bowl 2016. The Bakery team, “The Rolling Pins”, take the prize for participation, fund raising and costumes. They raised more than $1,078 on their own. They dressed up and had a blast. Thank you to Kristina, Charlie, Stephanie, Jan, Nikki and Taylor!  My team, The “Little Monsters”, raised $420. Thank you to Alisha, Jeremy and James! We had a combined total of $1,598, which contributed to the $117,000 raised in total!














Pictured top left to right: Charlie Dawson, Nikki McGiffin, Jeremy Cotton, Taylor Cain, Jan Johansson, Kristina Crummett. Bottom left to right: Sarah Burns, James Fike, Alisha Stafford, Stephanie Barron

This article was originally published in the April 2016 Co-op News

bucket photo
bucket photo