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Co-op Community | Summer Quarterly 2017

Member Feature: How Do You Keep the Co-op Weird?

North Coast Co-op

"I cook for people who have opposite dietary requirements, so I buy red meat along with vegan, gluten-free food."

-Valerie Fizinski, Arcata. Member for 21 years

"Using an envelope for a cheese roll instead of a bag."

-Elizabeth Finger, Arcata. Member for 34 years

"By being original and buying local."

-Shavaun Manibusan, Willow Creek. Member for 3 years

"Rocking my fanny pack."

-Melissa Tamburello, McKinleyville. Member for less than a year 

"Bringing weird bags."

-Susan Penn, Eureka. Member for 31 years

"Flossing with bamboo."

-Will Schmit, McKinleyville. Member for 5 years

bucket photo
bucket photo