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Co-op Community | Summer Quarterly 2018

Member Feature: Why did you become a Co-op member?

North Coast Co-op

“Because I agree with the principles and philosophies that established and maintain the Co-op.”
-Robin Daw, Eureka. Member for 11 years.

“For organic food and drink, plus discounts.”
-Ken Evans, Eureka. Member for 6 years.

“I enjoy coming here to get healthy and local foods for myself and family.” 
-Springwind Marshall, McKinleyville. Member for 21 years.

“Frequent shopper.”
-Kathleen Strehl, Eureka. Member for 17 years.

“Good food and seeing Lori [our Senior Front-End Clerk].”
-Andrea Dresch, Eureka. Member for 12 years.

"The excellent produce and healthy products, and the baked goods.” 
-Catherine Valentine, Bayside. Member for 35 years.

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bucket photo