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Co-op News | Summer Quarterly 2018

Staff Picks: Juices & Smoothies

North Coast Co-op

 Ahh, summer. The season where the sun is always shining, going outdoors is always an option, and drinks are served over ice. While there’s nothing like a sweating iced tea or kombucha to accompany you in the sunshine, smoothies and juices are an easy way to take a break from the heat and get your daily dose of fruits and veggies at the same time. 

The Co-op’s smoothies and juices are made with organic fruits and vegetables and can include additions like echinacea, matcha, spirulina, and turmeric. You may have a favorite from our signature drink menu, but if you are looking for a new way to get fruits and vegetables in your diet, we asked members of the Co-op team in the Deli and Bakery their favorite, fresh combinations.


"Coconut water, kale, cucumber, lemon juice, pineapple, apple." -Jessica, Assistant Deli Manager, Eureka

"Cucumber and celery in the AM. Simple and good. Good for you." -Jan, 
Bakery Clerk, Arcata

"When you have a stuffy nose, a sore throat, or a throbbing hangover, nothing beats a Rising Fog, served steaming hot, with extra lemon and ginger. Delicious AND medicinal." -Charlie, Cake Smith, Arcata

"Pineapple, cucumber, carrot juice, spinach, mango, spirulina, turmeric."
-Karley, Deli Clerk, Eureka


"Coconut milk, avocado, turmeric, vanilla syrup, plain yogurt." -Kim, Deli Clerk, Eureka

"Strawberries, whole milk, vanilla syrup, raspberry syrup, ice." -Richard, Deli Cook, Eureka

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bucket photo