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Board News | Winter Quarterly 2024

January 2024 Board Report

North Coast Co-op Board of Directors

January 2024 Board Report

The Co-op Board of Directors met by Zoom on January 4. 

The Board of Directors will begin quarterly in-person meetings beginning in February. We plan to alternate meetings between Eureka & Arcata, with February’s meeting taking place on Thursday, February 1 from 6-8pm at the Jefferson Community Center, 1000 B Street, Eureka. The Member Action Committee and Earth Action Committee are scheduled to meet by Zoom on February 18, starting at 6pm.

The board is inviting the Co-op’s upper management (Directors) to meetings to inform the board about their areas of responsibility. Jason Davenport was our January guest speaker. He explained his responsibilities as the Director of Technology. He oversees the IT (Information Technology) Department, Maintenance/Janitorial Department, and the Pricing Department.

The IT Department includes all the computer technology, from hardware to the operating systems, applications, databases, storage, servers and more at the Co-op. Internet, phones, cash registers are included. Jason oversees an experienced staff to keep technology running and up to date.

The Pricing Department involves a centralized computer system with staff in both Co-op stores who collaborate with Store Managers and Department Heads to provide correct pricing for thousands of items for sale at the Co-op. They produce shelf tags and signage indicating prices for all 
store products.

Jason supervises the Maintenance & Janitorial staff who maintain and clean the Co-op’s facilities, including the 
parking lots.

Sean Nolan, General Manager, provided good news about the successful holiday season, with December sales exceeding prior year sales. The Co-op has purchased a fully electric 2022 Ford eTransit van to replace an aging 2010 Transit van. The van is used for delivery between stores. The installation of large backup generators in both stores has been pushed to later in the year due to specialty parts being delayed at the manufacturer.

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