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Board News | Spring Quarterly 2024

June Board Report

North Coast Co-op

By Brenda Harper, Board President

The Co-op Board of Directors met on Zoom on June 6, 2024. 
The Co-op is having a membership drive in June and Co-op Board directors will be tabling in both stores, talking about the benefits of being a Co-op member. New member-owners will receive a free Co-op ChicoBag and a $10 Co-op gift card.

June is PRIDE Month and to support our LGBTQIA+ communities, the Co-op is collaborating with Queer Humboldt on a special tote bag fundraiser for the month of June. Net profits from the sales of these totes will be donated to Queer Humboldt. After June, the Co-op will continue to donate $3 for every Co-op Pride tote bag sold.

Sean Nolan, General Manager, reported that the generators for both stores should be operational by the end of the summer. These generators will provide electricity for the stores during power outages, preventing loss of product.  
Barney Doyle, the Co-op Controller reports that the Annual Audit is underway and all is going smoothly.

Mike Connors, Board Treasurer, attended the Consumer Cooperative Management Association’s (CCMA) annual conference May 30 - June 1 in Portland, Maine. There were over 400 attendees from cooperatives throughout the country. The theme of this year’s conference was “Rising Tides Lifting Communities Through Cooperation”. As cooperatives flourish, they elevate the overall well-being and prosperity of the communities they serve.  Mike will be making several presentations to the Board of Directors, sharing important things he learned.  

The Board of Directors will not be meeting in July. The next board meeting will be in person on Thursday, August 1 at 6pm at a location in Eureka.

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