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Sustainable Summer Challenge | Summer Quarterly 2020

Sustainable Summer Challenge Week 6

Write A Letter for Change

Kiya Villarreal, Sustainability Officer

Week 6: Write A Letter for Change

Writing is a powerful tool. Letter writing to policy makers in particular can be used to help create the change that matters to you. A policy maker can be an elected representative or a small business owner. For larger companies look for a Director of _______, a Board of Representatives…any entity or person whose job it is to create ideas and plans for an agency or business is considered a policy maker—and that’s who you should be sharing your opinions (and demands) with. Luckily today there are many ways to share your opinion—sure a social media comment gets your point across quick, but it doesn’t hold the same influence that a personalized postal letter, email or even a fax does.

There is a simple format that can be applied across a broad number of recipients:

  1. Address the right person/group to make them directly accountable for a response
  2. Write about one specific issue or question
  3. Keep it concise but still personal
  4. Be courteous while also demonstrating that you’re informed!
  5. Most importantly follow-up this shows you are invested. If their response is satisfactory a simple thank you goes a long way or if their response is unsatisfactory then hold them accountable by asking again or for clarity on their response to the issue.

So, for the last week of our Sustainable Summer Challenge, we challenge everyone to reach out to a policy maker of your choice and ask them to a make a change! Whether you’re asking for improved packaging, updated legislation regarding single-use plastics, prioritizing certain causes or more transparency—you can make a difference!

To provide example, we have provided our letter to the county requesting action on an industrial composter here.

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