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Employee Favorites | Summer Quarterly 2017

Staff Picks: Bulk

North Coast Co-op

By Heather Panderly, Bulk Department Head in Eureka:

Organic Sea Salt and Onion Cashews


"These are so delicious by themselves or on a salad. They are so flavorful, it's like a party in my mouth."


Korean Chili Flakes


"I love to make homemade kimchi and these are the best chili flakes I have found!"


Unsweetened Carob Almonds

"These are a great sweet treat. They literally have no sweetener in them, so I feel like I make a healthy choice when eating them. I also grew up eating carob so it remind me of my childhood."


Ethiopia Banko Coffee

"Literally the best medium roast coffee I have ever had! Warning: high caffeine."



Organic Quinoa Spaghetti

"I love pasta but try to eat gluten free. These noodles are the best. They have great flavor and they really hold their shape well. Even if I overcook them they seem to stay al dente which is how I like my pasta. We also have them in macaroni shape."


By Karl Seifert, Bulk Department Head in Arcata:

Organic Dried Mango


"Everybody loves it."


Rainbow Quinoa


"It's grown in Blue Lake."


Organic White Basmati Rice


"I have it on a permanent sale."


North Coast Co-op Equal Exchange Coffees


"They're such a bargain!"


Butter Toffee Peanut Butter


"I've never seen it anywhere else."


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