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Employee Favorites | January 2017

Wellness Picks

North Coast Co-op

Our knowledgeable Wellness Department staff has assembled a list of their favorite wellness items. Some are fun body care products and other are a variety of natural supplements. Stop by on the first Wednesday of every month to receive 10% off our entire Wellness Department and let our Wellness staff assist you with finding your way through the multitude of options.

1. Provence Sante Lavender Bar Soap
This is their signature "Big Bar" of fragrant Provencal bathing pleasure. It features a base of palm and coconut oil and is enriched with moisturizing shea butter. The essential oil is distilled from the flowers of the endless lavender fields that blanket the Provencal hills.

2. Soaptopia Bath Salts
These bath salts are petroleum free, cruelty free, vegan and use only natural botanicals. One bag is good for approximately 1-3 baths. A real treat after a long day or busy week.

3. Veriditas Top 5 Essential Oils Starter Kit
These 100% French Medical Grade essential oils are useful for room fresheners, diffusers & are food-grade. This kit starts you off with Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Mental Clarity & Stress Recovery.

4. New Chapter Turmeric Force
This one-a-day, super potent turmeric extract comes in vegetarian gelcaps, is easy to take, and is a favorite both with our staff and customers. Mostly used as a natural anti-inflammatory, turmeric also supports cardiac, liver, and brain health!

5. Soaptopia Bulk Soaps
Smell the glory! These beautiful soaps come in so many scents and colors! They are so fresh, they are still soft when they come in! (Make sure they aren't sitting in water, or they'll melt awayyy!)

6. Health Force Vitamineral Green  
This stuff is it! We got greens from the land, we got greens from the lake, we got greens from the sea, enzymes, and probiotics all packed into this organic power powder. Super fine powder particles absorb perfectly into the body, without the unpleasant taste of some greens powders.

7. Dew Puff
These facial sponges are made from the root of the Konjac, a plant native to Asia. They help break down dirt and make-up and promote circulation. They are so gentle, they can even be used on a baby! Can be used with cleanser, or without.

8. Chakra Foods Movement Detox Kit
This 7-day program is meant for indigestion, acid reflux & heartburn support. The fermented herbal formula naturally supports the body's ability to re-activate smooth gastric movement, promote healthy skin cells, aid immune system health and maximum absorption of nutrition.

9. Wish Garden Digestive Bitters 2.oz bottle
A profound tonic that supports healthy digestion & optimal absorption. A good companion to any holiday meal or celebration.

10. OM Organic Mushroom Powders
Beauty—a blend of certified 100% organic mushrooms that support inner health for hair, skin & nails. This blend provides naturally occurring biotin, Vitamin D, beta glucans & antioxidants to stimulate cellular restoration.
Cordyceps—certified 100% organic cordyceps mushroom powder. Cordyceps optimizes oxygen uptake and delivery to increase vitality and endurance, awaken energy, improve cardio and ignite your inner strength.

11. Renew Life Ultimate Flora Probiotics
Roughly 70% of our immune system is situated in the gut, so keeping it healthy will keep you healthy, and probiotics support gut health. Comes in both shelf-stable and refrigerated options.

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